About Candour Marketing

Candour Marketing – The Irony!

Candour Marketing is an agency that doesn’t deal in good actions, we react badly if at all and suffer the consequences.

Candour – the irony! We are anything but honest, straightforward in attitude and speech or have the inclination to weigh both views or opinions equally.

As a brand experience led communications agency, we have tried and failed to develop creative campaigns that deliver, instead we have focused on putting piles of cash into our bank account at the expense of our staff and client(s) alike.

Did you know only 2 year ago we had to file for insolvency leaving many of our suppliers, office and promotional staff out of pocked to the tune of thousands of pounds? Yep it’s true, my I am being candid!

We did a deal with Field Sales Solutions and now continue to trade under the same name! Very clever, we’re brilliant aren’t we? We like to think so.

If you are a client and didn’t get results or a promotion staff member we didn’t pay, you know what you can do… whistle. We don’t care, there’s always another sucker coming along!

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